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SolidDesigner is now known as Creo Elements/Direct Modeler. The current version combines the superb direct modeling functionality available in the original, together with some exciting new features and also benefits from full windows capabilities such as copy and paste, toolbars and windows loading and printing which improves the ease of use.

We at High Peak Systems have the facilities and experience necessary to support all common legacy Creo Elements/Direct products including SolidDesigner.

For users of older versions of SolidDesigner we offer telephone and assistance support to allow you to continue using your current version. This includes support for software running on old versions of windows or HP-UX Unix. Hardware support for old servers or workstations running HP-UX or windows can be arranged for “Next Day” or “Return to Bench” if required.

Should you want to take advantage of developments in the software and upgrade your SolidDesigner to Creo Elements/Direct Modeler then High Peak Systems have great expertise in moving your old data from legacy systems to a more current setup. Some of the key enhancements you would receive are outlined below: -

  • Real time rendering.
  • CAM and IDF interfaces.
  • Advanced Modeling features.
  • Advanced Clash Analysis features.
  • 3D Dimensions and Geometric tolerancing
  • E-Drawings publishing and viewing.
  • Microsoft Look and feel
  • Support for the latest versions of translators such as SAT, IGES, DXF/DWG
  • Output to formats such as PDF, TIFF, JPEG etc.

Support for the latest windows Operating systems including 64 bit.