Advanced Simulation PTC Advanced Mechanica

Advanced Simulation expands the power of Creo Parametric Simulation, providing an even broader set of analysis capabilities such as nonlinear deformation, transient thermal, vibration and failure analysis.  You’ll also have more options to model advanced, real-world conditions such as rigid or weighted links, orthotropic and transversely orthotropic materials, advanced springs and preloaded bolt fasteners.

Advanced Simulation includes all the functionality found in the Simulation extension, plus:

  • Comprehensive range of analysis types, including nonlinear analyses
  • Support for friction-added assemblies
  • Support for advanced connection definitions
  • Laminate modelling and analysis capabilities
  • 2D Model Support
  • Advanced finite-element model support.
  • The analysis tools are fully integrated within the Creo Parametric modelling environment so no separate data files are used. One file manages the design and analysis data and changes are associative. This allows you to analyze your model and quickly identify problem areas and once you update the design, you can easily re-run the analysis, without recreating it.

Mechanica Benefits

  • Gain early insight into product performance and discover design flaws early, as you increase first-time build success as a result of analysis.
  • Improve user efficiency with an intuitive, familiar user interface.
  • Obtain realistic performance data, and improve product quality, by directly applying real-world conditions to design geometry within the analysis environment.
  • Mechanica enables you to evaluate more scenarios than with physical prototypes
  • Save time and reduce errors by working in a seamlessly integrated design and simulation environment–with no data translation
  • Increase innovation by simultaneously designing, running analysis and simulating design variations.
  • Decrease development costs by reducing or even eliminating physical prototyping.

Capture the knowledge of your simulation experts, and make it accessible to others, using the Process Wizard, a structured, customizable wizard that guides engineers through the analysis and simulation process.